AGES 14+

Our comprehensive programs encompass MMA, No-Gi Jiu-Jitsu, and Muay-Thai Kickboxing. Our aim is to cultivate well-rounded athletes, emphasizing discipline, skill enhancement, and physical fitness. Coach TJ's wealth of experience ensures a high caliber training environment, fostering a winning mentality among our athletes. Our goals include honing technical efficiency, enhancing mental resilience, and promoting overall well-being, contributing significantly to each athletes success both on and off the mats. 


Hone your ground game, refine your grappling skills, and sharpen your striking techniques. Our MMA program provides a well rounded approach to ensure you are equipped with a versatile skill set on and off the mats for real-world self-defense. We prioritize responsible training, safety, and ensuring a culture of respect and camaraderie.


Our NoGi Jiu-Jitsu program is specifically designed for ground defense. Our no-gi approach emphasizes techniques that can be used effectively in situations where there are no clothing grips, allowing our students to adapt their skills seamlessly to MMA and real world self-defense scenarios. 


Our striking program offers a unique blend of techniques using Boxing, Muay-Thai Kickboxing, and Karate. By integrating elements from these disciplines, we provide our students with a well-rounded skillset. Boxing brings precise strikes and footwork that is essential for stand up. Karate contributes the understanding of distance management, timing, and quick, powerful strikes. Muay-Thai adds clinch work, elbow and knee strikes, and a focus on conditioning, making it valuable for both self-defense and MMA. 



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